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Repel Birds from Your Structures 

  • Works on pigeons, gulls and other nuisance birds
  • Proven safe on all structures
  • No ugly spikes, nets or wires
Airepel® Humane Bird Management Services

Offering Humane Solutions to Your Bird Management Problems

Acknowledged by the foremost Humane Agencies of the United States as a viable deterrent for bird management, our Humane Bird Management Services exclusively offers our proprietary Bird Repellent Airepel®HC, in addition to traditional bird management tools. Airepel® Humane Bird Management Services offers a total bird management program customized to meet your specific needs with Airepel®HC as a primary cost effective ingredient.

Reduce potential health and safety problems and save your business time and money.

Call NOW for a FREE evaluation at 1-800-468-6324 or email us at becky.price@airepel.com


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