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“Six months after two officials found themselves the focus of international outrage — from organizations like the Humane Society — at the prospect of Milford using a lethal chemical to kill pigeons roosting in the historic Town Hall bell tower, both the pigeons and the outrage seem to be gone.”

“We're very happy with the results,” said Town Administrator Louis Celozzi who negotiated a plan with Airepel® Humane Bird Management representatives to use Avipel®, a non-lethal pigeon repellent, to get rid of the pesky pigeons last spring.” 

  Milford Connecticut Daily News


“CBS Outdoor would like to take this opportunity to thank the Airepel® Team for its success in bird management services. Skeptical at first, you have since proven that birds can be humanely repelled from our structures with no harm to the birds or our structures.” 

  Steve Hillwig
Vice President, CBS Outdoor


“The HSUS approves of and commends the use of avian repellents under two conditions: (1) that they be demonstrably humane in their application and used so; and (2) that credible scientific data exist to document humaneness as well as general effectiveness when used according to label instructions.”

“Based on the information we have available to us, both FlightControl® Plus and Avipel® appear to meet these criteria, and we feel that they could be considered as part of comprehensive and holistic programs to resolve human-bird conflicts.” 

  John Hadidian, Ph.D.
Urban wildlife Programs
The Humane Society of the United States


“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate the effort that your Airepel® Team puts into working with us performing bird management services at Clear Channel Outdoor here in the Miami, Florida, area.” 

  Bill Hull
Operations Manager
Clear Channel Outdoor


“On behalf of PETA's more than 850,000 members and supporters, along with compassionate people everywhere, we are proud to present Airepel® with the Best Wildlife-Friendly Product Proggy Award for Avipel®. The Proggy's are awarded every year for exceptional, animal-friendly achievement in 21st century culture and commerce.”

“By making consumers aware of animal rights issues and providing them with accessible alternatives to processes that hurt animals, Airepel® is contributing to a more humane way of life for our entire society. Your innovative and progressive contribution sets the gold standard for others to emulate and we commend you for your foresight, initiative, creativity, and kindness.” 

  Ingrid Newkirk
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


“Based on USDA and other laboratory testing to date of FlightControl® Plus bird repellent, I conclude that the product is efficacious for repelling birds, especially Canada geese, from turf-based feeding areas. Testing with other species such as brown-headed cowbirds, red-winged blackbirds and sandhill cranes indicate the product is efficacious as a feeding repellent for a wide range of bird species.” 

  Richard Dolbeer, P.D.
United States Department of Agriculture
Chairperson, Bird Strike Committee USA


“Detroit Edison (a DTE Energy Company) has employed Airepel® for the last two years to successfully control seagulls at one of our electrical substations. Seagulls were both a safety and an environmental concern at the substation. Detroit Edison had tried unsuccessfully to control the seagulls using a number of physical harassment techniques. The seagull problem got so bad that DTE employees were unwilling to go near the substation because the gulls were aggressively defending their "established" nesting territory. It only took one application of the Avipel® product to get the gulls to vacate the property.” 

  Timothy C. Walsh
Senior Engineer
Environmental Management & Resources
DTE Energy


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